Click on an image to see a larger version of it, and click on the link Broken Line Drawing for an image to be taken to the knotilus web page for the link. From this page, one can obtain (among other things) the gauss code that was used to obtain the diagram. Click on the name of the image in order to obtain information about changes that were made to the broken-line diagram that was provided by knotilus (using the selection tools provided by knotilus, so such changes might include the removal of one or more components from the broken-line drawing, performing a face inversion, or performing the unknotting surgery on every crossing), and about changes that were made to the default povray file that is provided by knotilus for the broken-line drawingin order to obtain this image. Changes to the povray file might include a change of light intensity, change of background colour, change of component colour, radius of the extruded tube, and other such data.